Controversial Cardiff Collision Prompts Demands for Police Transparency and Accountability

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In a tragic incident that has left a community devastated, the deaths of two teenagers, Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans, in a collision have raised serious concerns about police conduct and transparency.

The incident, which occurred in Cardiff, Wales, has sparked riots and ignited public outrage after initial denials of police involvement were contradicted by emerging evidence.

The incident unfolded on Monday, May 22, when Kyrees Sullivan, 16, and Harvey Evans, 15, tragically lost their lives in a collision. South Wales police initially denied the presence of any police vehicle in the area at the time, dismissing claims of a chase as false rumours. However, newly released CCTV footage appears to show a police van following the boys on an electric bike just moments before the collision.

A timeline:

  • 17:59.40: CCTV shows the bike travelling towards the police vehicle in Frank Road. The bike then turns around.
  • 18:00.52: The bike is followed by the police vehicle. Blue lights or sirens were not in use.
  • 18:01.18: Police vehicle is at New Ely Church roundabout and travels through Archer Road, Stanway Road and Howell Road.
  • 18:02.31: Police vehicle turns onto Grand Avenue.
  • 18:02.17 - 18:02.41: Approximate time of the collision in Snowden Road. At the time of the collision, the police van is in Grand Avenue, half a mile away from Snowden Road.
  • 18:06.59: The police vehicle is on Cowbridge Road West when it receives information about a road traffic collision, illuminates blue lights and makes its way to the collision scene.

Following the release of the CCTV footage, the police were forced to admit that one of their vans had indeed been following the boys. However, they maintained that no police vehicle was present at the scene of the collision. This admission has fuelled accusations of deliberate misinformation and a lack of accountability from the police.

The families of the victims, as well as members of the community, have expressed deep scepticism and anger towards the police. They believe that the initial denials and subsequent admission of police involvement indicate a deliberate attempt to mislead the public. The community has also accused the police of targeting young people in the area unfairly, exacerbating tensions and leading to the violent riots that followed the incident.

In response to the mounting pressure, the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) has launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the collision. The IOPC's involvement aims to ensure an impartial and thorough examination of the incident, addressing the concerns raised by the families and the community.

Deputy Chief Constable Rachel Bacon, speaking at a press conference, acknowledged the anger and concerns within the community but stopped short of offering an apology. She stated that the police had provided information to the best of their knowledge but emphasized that the investigation would be handled by the IOPC.

Asked why police had not confirmed earlier that officers had been following the boys, she said:

"We have done our best given the circumstances we have faced with the information we have had."

She refused to apologise but acknowledged community anger, saying:

“I’m here today to talk to the communities of Ely to let them know that we absolutely understand their concerns, that we’re listening to … their worries about the accuracy of what we’ve said.” Asked about Michael’s claims about false rumours, she said the picture had been “unclear” 

The tragic loss of Kyrees Sullivan and Harvey Evans has sent shockwaves through the Cardiff community, highlighting the need for transparency, accountability, and open communication between law enforcement and the public. As the investigation progresses, it is hoped that the truth surrounding the incident will be revealed, allowing for justice, closure, and a path towards healing for all those affected.

Harvey's family have said:

"Our hearts are truly broken by the sudden death of Harvey, our much-loved son, grandson, brother, nephew, friend, and boyfriend. He lived life to the full, he had a big heart and deep down he truly cared. He was a best friend to Kyrees, and our thoughts and prayers are with his family also.

“We ask for peace within the community and request that people leave the investigation to the police so we can get the answers we so desperately need to lay Harvey to rest. As Harvey’s mum I want to remember our son as the fun and loving son that he was and not as the media are portraying him now”.

The tribute from Kyrees's family stated: "Kyrees was a loving, caring handsome young man, a loving son to Belinda and Craig, little brother to Aleah and Jordan and a special uncle KyKy to Myra. He was loved so much by his grandparents and aunties and uncles and his many cousins.

“Him and Harvey along with Niall were best friends since they were young and went everywhere together, they both had so many friends and were very well liked doing many things together, having fun & laughs!! They were loved by not only their families but by their community as well. Belinda, Craig & families, would like to thank everyone for all their kind words, flowers, and messages since they lost their son.” will continue to closely monitor the developments of this case and advocate for the rights and concerns of the community. We stand firm in our commitment to ensuring police accountability and fostering trust between law enforcement agencies and the public they serve.


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